Products & Services

The Council for Community and Economic Research

The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) produces several proprietary products and provides a variety of services to members and non-members.

Cost of Living Index

The quarterly Cost of Living Index provides a useful and reasonably accurate way to compare cost of living differences between urban areas weighted by different categories of consumer expenditures for mid-management households.

State Business Incentives Database

The State Business Incentives Database is a searchable database of incentive programs used by states for strategic business attraction.  The Business Incentives Database includes more than 1,600 incentive programs across the country categorized according to:

  • Program Category
  • Program Type
  • Geographic Focus
  • Business Need

State Economic Development Expenditures Database

Collected by aggregating state budget data, the Expenditures Database assesses total resources available for economic development activity across more than 15 functional areas and multiple funding sources using consistent funding categorizations.

State Certifications and Licenses Data

The State Certifications and Licenses Data is generated from questions included in the Census Bureau's Current Populations Survey that measure the prevalence of certifications and licenses. BLS publishes national level data each April. Learn More


C2ER is dedicated to improving the skills of community and economic development research professionals. In cooperation with the LMI Institute, C2ER offers a comprehensive training program for economic development and labor market information analysts and develops and delivers customized training.


C2ER's primary professional certification, Certified Economic Research Professional (CERP), is the industry standard for recognizing excellence in community and economic research. CERPs undertake a rigorous course of training and evaluation to earn this distinction.

Technical Assistance

In cooperation with the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC), C2ER promotes knowledge-based economic development efforts by helping local and regional entities to implement data-driven economic development strategies.

Job Postings

C2ER maintains a list of available community and economic development research positions available from member organizations, partners, and affiliated organizations.