Founded in 1961, the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) is a membership organization that promotes excellence in community and economic research by providing:

  • A robust network of industry professionals
  • Training and insights provided by top industry experts
  • Advocacy at the state and federal levels — along with the high-quality data needed to support robust advocacy initiatives.


C2ER has a network of 1,000+ actively engaged members in the economic research and public policy industries. C2ER fosters this network by hosting C2ER’s Annual Conference, and by offering member benefits such as:

  • C2ER Member Database
  • Discounts to the Annual Conference
  • C2ER Member Exclusive LinkedIn Group

Industry Experts

C2ER facilitates hundreds of experts each year to offer their insights into industry trends and advancements. We streamline this information by:

  • Hosting timely webinars led by industry experts
  • Offering expert-led training classes for all professional development levelsIssuing a weekly newsletter with headline articles, industry reports, and data visualizations that can be adapted to your organization and shared with stakeholders

High-Quality Data

C2ER is dedicated to equipping individuals, businesses, and government agencies of all sizes with the critical, high-quality data they need to contribute to their region’s economic growth.

C2ER’s data products include:

  • Cost of Living Index – offering timely county, state, and metro level comparisons across the U.S. since 1968.
  • State Economic Development Expenditures Database – hand collected from state budgets, the Expenditures Database offers a look into economic development program expenditures across all U.S. states and territories.
  • State Business Incentives Database – compare business incentives and program categories offered in all U.S. states and territories.
  • Economic Diversity Index – using county level data, compare the competitive diversity in your community to analyze the regional strengths and weaknesses.