Our Vision Statement 

The Council for Community and Economic Research is the nationally recognized, trusted leader in the community, economic and workforce research field. C2ER is committed to developing and engaging a diverse membership to elevate data driven decision making to ensure prosperous communities. 


Our Mission Statement 

The Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER) supports community prosperity by promoting excellence and leadership in community, economic, and workforce research. We accomplish this through professional development and networkingunique quality products; and the availability, analysis and use of data. 

Professional Development 

To help our members with their professional development we offer expert-led training, webinars, and classes throughout the year and during the annual conference for all professional development levels. C2ER recently started offering the Foundations of Economic Development Research eLearning, with the intention of starting a series of eLearning courses. Lastly, C2ER issues a weekly newsletter with news, industry reports, and data visualizations to keep our members informed of trends in the economy and workforce world. 




With a network of 680+ actively engaged members in the economic research and public policy industries, C2ER provides opportunities for member networking through hosting C2ER’s Annual Conference and giving members access to our membership list including contact information.  



Unique quality products 

C2ER is dedicated to equipping individuals, businesses, and government agencies of all sizes with the critical, high-quality data they need to contribute to their region’s economic growth. 

C2ER’s data products include: 


Availability, Analysis and Use of Data 

C2ER partners with other associations to identify current issues and opportunities in multiple facets of the US economy through rigorous research and data collection. This research not only leads to the expansion of the C2ER network but allows C2ER to make an impact by promoting the findings of this research to the institutions that influence and are affected by this data. Click [here] to read more about our technical assistance.