Research Analyst

Points Consulting
Date Posted:  July 3, 2020
Closing Date:  July 31, 2020

Job Description

Points Consulting (PC) is looking for an economic analyst to assist with a variety of research tasks on our consulting projects for clients in the fields of higher education, economic development, workforce development and real estate. Tasks could include each of the following:

  • Accessing socioeconomic and real estate data from a variety of government and proprietary databases
  • Cleaning, formatting and manipulating data into tables and charts, formatting as appropriate for research reports and presentations
  • Producing narrative summary and conclusions based on data collected
  • Conducting and taking notes during qualitative data gathering activities (i.e.: in-depth interviews, focus groups, etc.)
  • Conducting web-based research on a variety of community/economic development and real estate topics and trends and summarizing research for inclusion in research reports
  • Contributing to conclusions and recommendations of research reports, at the direction of supervisor

Please note, this is not a full-time position. We are looking for a team member who can work as a subcontractor on an as-needed basis, which will typically average 10-20 hours a month. Work can generally be completed at hours that are convenient for the worker, except for occasional internal and external conference calls.


PC is open to a variety of skill and experience levels. Fundamentally, we are looking for analysts who are skilled with data analysis and knowledgeable in our fields of interest. Important qualifications include:

  • Highly proficient with MS office products, particularly Excel
  • Experience finding and analyzing socioeconomic data from Census, BLS, BEA, etc.
  • Under-grad level understanding of statistics and economics
  • Ability to write in a whimsical and engaging fashion
  • Bachelors degree or higher in any of the following fields: economics, statistics, business, public policy, economic/community development, and regional planning
  • Bonus: experience with any of the following software tools: STATA, SPSS, R, and Tableau

About the Organization

At Points Consulting we believe in the power of people’s interests, passions, and behaviors to shape the world around us. Now, more than ever, people are the primary factor in the success of businesses, organizations, and communities. For that reason, our work is focused not only on how people impact communities and organizations, but on how to align their potential to create more successful outcomes for individuals, communities and businesses.