The Future of Trucking – Innovative Approaches to Research and Data Analysis

2:00 pm EST

What are the likely short-term and long-term impacts of automation on the trucking industry? At the 2021 Projections Managing Partnership Summit, we introduced you to Steve Viscelli, a University of Pennsylvania researcher whose efforts to measure the impacts of autonomous trucking technologies contain data analysis lessons for projections analysts and state LMI researchers. So many attendees requested deeper insights that we arranged a special Future of Work seminar with federal government economist Kristen Monaco, whose research provides a complementary perspective on the future of the trucking and logistics sector.

Dr. Monaco will address the following questions:

  • Why is it so hard to agree on how many truck drivers there are and what they are paid?
  • Automation’s likely impact on industry in short run and long run
  • Is there a truck driver shortage, did the pandemic exacerbate it, and is trucking kay to addressing the current supply chain crisis?