Communicating Economic Impact of EDOs – Beyond Measuring Direct Results

2:30 pm EDT

Economic development organizations help produce tangible results for thousands of individuals and companies. Since the Pandemic, we have taken on more responsibility, and innovated the ways we deliver services. However, too often, the way we report our results is not complete. We often focus only on reporting direct results of our work, when we all know the impact is broader. In this webinar, you will learn from Matt Waldo, Senior Director of Research for JobsOhio. Matt is a nationally-recognized research leader for over twenty years, and former C2ER Board member. Matt will discuss the process learnings from analysis and communication conducted by JobsOhio and IMPLAN on the economic impact of JobsOhio’s more than 3,200 successful projects over its first eleven years as an organization (from 2011-2021).

Matt Waldo, Senior Director of Research · JobsOhio