Member Only Webinar
CERP Presentation: Economic Development in Afghanistan (2001 – 2020): Challenges and Opportunities

1:00 pm EDT

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In this presentation we will discuss the economic overview of the real, fiscal, monetary, and external sector. We will briefly discuss political, social, and economic challenges that Afghanistan is facing in the current time. Then we will briefly discuss available opportunities. Lastly, we will propose recommendations for economic development and stabilization of Afghanistan.

Said Mubin Shah, Economist and Former Deputy Minister and Adviser of Ministry of Finance

This webinar is being presented as part of C2ER’s professional certification, the Certified Economic Research Professional (CERP), is the industry standard for recognizing excellence in economic research and embodies the applied skills of economic, demographic, industry, and workforce analysis. CERPs undertake rigorous evaluation of their research experience and leadership to earn this designation. Find out more about the CERP program here and see how many points you may have already towards certification.