Basic Data Prep & Visualization with Tableau

Arlington, VA
Westin Arlington Gateway
801 N Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22203
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Learn how to clean, shape, aggregate, and merge frequently used workforce and economic development datasets, including industry and occupational projections, in Tableau Prep and then organize your visualizations in Tableau Desktop. Analyzing big data using charts, graphics, and images is becoming more and more necessary for decision-making. This 2-day course not only introduces you to the basic features and functions of Tableau Prep and Tableau Desktop but also shows you how to incorporate complex calculations in ways that improve insights, make charts more relevant, and create the most impactful dashboard graphics.

Training pre-requisites

Skills: No prerequisite experience is needed

Tools: Laptop, wired mouse, Tableau Desktop (personal, professional, or public version), and Tableau Prep.