Community, Economic, and Workforce Research Awards 2021


The C2ER awards program recognizes the contribution of research activities to the success of local, regional, or state community, economic, and workforce development initiatives.

Purpose of award:

To increase the quality of applied research by identifying meritorious projects and promoting the diffusion of creative ideas through research activities.


All C2ER and LMI Institute members are eligible.  Eligible projects are those in which the nominated organization plays a coordinating role or in which their research is an integral component of the project or activity. Ongoing programs or projects started within the last 24 months are eligible.

Research Criteria:

Nominations should respond to at least one of the following criteria of research activities:

  • Projects supporting business, economic, and workforce development activities
  • Data collection, dissemination, or visualization projects
  • Project impact, program evaluation, or assessments
  • Projects supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Projects supporting collaborative community/regional initiatives
  • Projects or policy analysis supporting federal, state, or local initiatives, such as COVID-19

Award Application:

Applicants should submit a summary – no more than two pages – that describes the project’s goals and objectives and highlights its innovative nature; alternative formats including videos, websites, and interactive dashboards are encouraged to accompany the narrative.

Award Review Considerations:

Judges will review the nominated research or analysis for:

  1. Contribution to applied community, economic or workforce development research
  2. Innovative and collaborative in approach or implementation
  3. Approaches that use researchers as part a larger program implementation team
  4. Response to customer or community needs
  5. Economic or other benefits that have resulted from implementing the project
  6. Quality of product or process
  7. Replicability for other C2ER and LMI Institute members

Selection Process:

Judges reviewing award nominations will include representatives from the C2ER membership. The panel may select up to one winner in each category and an overall award for an innovative project. C2ER reserves the right to assign a nomination to a different category. C2ER also reserves the right to not select a winner in all categories.

Application Process:

Applicants should submit their nomination in electronic format to Tom Minor at by Friday, April 9, 2021.

Awards Presentation:

C2ER will present the awards throughout the C2ER Annual Conference held virtually June 7 – 11, 2021.  Award winners should prepare to make a brief webinar presentation about their winning project to the membership after the conference.

Get the full details and award application here.