New Report: How Credentials Help Veterans Transition to Civilian Work


According to a new report from Strada, Veterans Without Degrees, veterans not only hold more non-degree credentials than the general population, but veterans with credentials also have better employment and earnings outcomes than those without.

Furthermore, the report found that credentials obtained during veterans’ military service represent marketable skills when they enter the civilian workforce. However, much of the training and education provided by the military is not documented in a way that is applicable to the civilian job market. Given the positive labor force outcomes of credentialed veterans, the report recommends that further steps be taken to make sure that veteran education is better documented in a way that is recognized in the broader economy.

This report is part of a growing body of research into the impact of non-degree credentials on employment and earnings outcomes. The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness (CREC), with the LMI Institute, conducted research into veteran outcomes in summer 2019 utilizing the Current Population Survey (CPS) microdata, and found similar patterns of attainment and outcomes. That report can be found here. The LMI Institute is also using the CPS microdata to assess the impact that licenses and certifications have in the broader workforce, which you can learn more about here.