COLI cited in Governing Magazine minimum wage story


In a story posted yesterday over at Governing magazine, “Where the Minimum Wage Has the Least Buying Power”, C2ER’s Cost of Living Index was used to translate the national minimum wage narrative to a more localized level. 

Governing calculated adjusted minimum wages by comparing the highest federal, state or local minimum wages with the Council for Community and Economic Research’s Cost of Living Index for more than 300 cities, shown below. In 14 larger jurisdictions reviewed, the adjusted minimum wage amounts to less than $6 per hour relative to other cities. Elsewhere, in a few cities with higher minimum wage requirements and lower costs of living, the buying power is closer to $9 or $10.

The story examines a number of cities and regions who are struggling with low buying power for minimum wage earner, while outlining other cities who have recently passed increases to the minimum wage