Strategy Director, Data and Measurement

Lumina Foundation
Date Posted:  October 9, 2020


The strategy director for data and measurement is responsible for leading, developing and implementing organizational initiatives to measure, monitor, and report performance regarding post-high school attainment and related measures (e.g. Today’s Student, credentials, labor market outcomes, etc.) The Director will oversee the measurement and synthesis of new and existing data to advise Lumina’s strategic direction, make continuous improvement, document effective practices, inform Lumina and the field, and measure progress and success against key metrics, with specific emphasis on Lumina’s equity populations and strategic plan. The director must also possess detailed knowledge of Lumina’s mission-related work, goals, processes, and interdependencies in order to effectively execute a comprehensive data strategy.


Data and Measurement Leadership

Provide leadership for Lumina’s data and measurement agenda by conceptualizing, setting a clear direction, executing, and directing a data and measurement plan for Lumina that represents our Equity Populations and concentration areas. Deliver frequent and open communications, leverage the strengths of team members while also providing development opportunities within the team.   Work in collaboration with directors and officers across the foundation to develop methodologies and strategies to inform grant and contract development across departments and concentration areas.  Work with Lumina’s partners and grantees to ensure that data collection activities are being implemented with integrity and produce results with high internal validity.  Oversee and manage the process of extracting, synthesizing, sharing, organizing, and applying key data results and lessons.  Develop and manage relationships across the Foundation to advance the utilization of findings and results for ongoing strategy refinement, development of new work, and decision making.  Make interpretive judgments about data, targets, and trends to provide recommendations and assist in decision-making at the strategy and executive level.

Data and Measurement Activities

Conceptualize the national data and databases that will be needed to report on the strategic plan with an emphasis on Lumina’s equity imperative, concentration areas, and the merging of postsecondary and workforce data to report on attainment and inform the 60% goal. Monitor the national landscape of federal, national, and statewide data sources and systems that could inform Lumina’s current and future work. Pull and examine existing opportunities for the creation of new sources from institutional and national surveys and sources on postsecondary education and workforce to inform Lumina’s work, research agenda, and creation of effective practices.  Oversee the continuous development and reporting of Stronger Nation, Lumina’s online tool providing various data and visualizations toward national and state attainment goals.

Internal Data and Measurement Activities

Develop and execute a strategy to help staff collect, report and understand accurate, reliable, meaningful data that help them with their strategic priorities. Create dashboards and summaries on data and trends related to our work for Lumina’s staffexecutive team, and board of directors.  Work across the foundation to share and apply lessons from data and metrics that can inform our current work and ongoing strategic planning. Validate data and research used in Lumina’s communications.

Grant Responsibilities

Develop, monitor, and report progress on the annual work plan that incorporates multiple foundation tools. Collaborate with other stakeholders and leverage resources that support the foundation’s strategies. Assume significant, shared responsibility for managing the foundation’s related grantmaking work including preparing for and actively engaging in grant review meetings, drafting grant and contract-related information, monitoring grant progress, and working with staff and grantees to identify and troubleshoot problems in funded programs. Draft concept papers and develop requests for proposals and grant/contract guidelines to support new work. Regularly revisit the portfolio to assure efforts remain responsive to emerging issues and information. Prepare materials for, attend, present, and respond to questions in executive team and board meetings. Perform writing or analytical activities concerning grantmaking programs, the research and public policy agenda, and communications that support organizational learning and lessons learned to the field.

Functional Leadership

Support direct reports in their work by serving as an experienced, objective adviser and mentor.  Provide administrative oversight on expenses, travel, grantmaking, contracting, and other functional processes.  On-board new hires to ensure they have the introductions, resources, training, and productivity tools necessary to be effective as quickly as possible.

Staff Development

Provide work assignments and mentoring opportunities to facilitate growth and development. Review individual and collective performance and provide clarifying examples where necessary. Support professional and career development by discussing and documenting with direct reports their professional development interests, strengths, and gaps.

Stakeholder Relations

Act as a spokesperson to the postsecondary education community, public policymakers, and others outside the foundation about achieving Lumina’s 60% attainment goal. Collaborate with convening staff to identify, plan, and execute convenings, meetings, and conferences of grantees and leaders in postsecondary education. Attend and/or make professional presentations at meetings of national associations and other groups that the foundation is interested in influencing. Identify and maintain relationships with researchers, public policy analysts, and others who might contract with Lumina or receive grant funding.

Support for Lumina’s Commitment to Racial Justice and Equity

Advance Lumina’s commitment to ending systemic racism and barriers to learning beyond high school for Black, Latino, and Native American individuals. Further Impact and Planning’s specific practices that promote racial and ethnic diversity in hiring, contracting, grantmaking, inclusive decision making, and achieving fair and just outcomes arising from the department’s exercise of its duties and responsibilities. Effectively communicate Lumina’s commitment to internal and external partners

Education and Experience

  • A graduate degree or demonstrated competency is required in research, statistics, social and behavior sciences, or another related content area.
  • At least eight (8) years of experience in a senior-level role in higher education, in a performance measurement organization, or nonprofit/philanthropic sectors.
  • Proficiency in navigating complex data systems.
  • Practical understanding of performance measurement, reporting, and performance data collection and reporting.
  • Knowledge of common postsecondary data sources.
  • Demonstrated quantitative analytical skills with the ability to derive important implications from data.


  • Ability to develop and execute strategic plans, set priorities, effectively manage a budget and lead change management efforts.
  • Ability to learn quickly and connect learning to ongoing conversations related to an assigned body of work.
  • Ability to demonstrate how to best use the foundation’s resources to ensure the policies and practices envisioned in the Strategic Plan are aligned with Lumina’s principles of learning and credentialing.
  • Ability to make decisions in concert with others without complete information and to thrive in an outcomes-oriented, continuously evolving work environment in which thinking beyond the curve is encouraged.
  • Project management skills with demonstrated ability to execute and follow through to achieve intended results by following through on commitments, prioritizing work, and managing time and resources well.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills, with the ability to communicate accurately, effectively, and in ways appropriate to different audiences.
  • Strong writing skills, with the ability to review, revise, and synthesize a variety of information to help connect the foundation’s work to broader discussions within the higher education landscape.
  • Ability to manage internal and external constituents, projects, and budgets.
  • Ability to coach and develop others, including people that are not direct reports.
  • Strong skills in presentation and data visualization.
  • Strong working knowledge of Tableau or other visualization platforms.
  • Autonomous and self-motivated work style. Inclination to assume ownership of both short- and long-term projects.
  • Ability to work collegially and diplomatically across organizations and audience groups and a facility for resolving conflict among multiple parties.
  • Sound judgment in handling sensitive or confidential information.
  • Ability to use technology effectively.