Labor Market Research Economist II

Iowa Workforce Development
Des Moines, IA
Date Posted:  October 7, 2022
Closing Date:  October 26, 2022

Job Description

Use statistical and economic techniques to measure, analyze, and report the supply and demand, characteristics, and skills of the labor force. Perform complex analysis utilizing data from multiple sources to prepare written reports for agency, policy makers, legislators, economic developers, educators, and other stakeholders. Prepare and deliver formal presentations to various stakeholder groups, tailoring presentations to each specific audience. Using computer software to collect, analyze, display, and report labor market data and research.

Specialized research for industries and occupations. Design research projects requiring specialized statistical and economic skills determining the appropriate research techniques methods and benchmarks. Respond to requests from administrators, customers, stakeholders, and citizens pertaining to the labor market and workforce. Prepare, design, and deliver formal reports to internal and external customers, stakeholder groups, tailoring to meet the needs of the audience. Represent the agency in work groups, consortia, partnerships, and conferences.

Workforce Surveys: Design, implement surveys, collect, enter, clean, code, and analyze data resulting from surveys. Compute statistical projections of available labor and highlight relevant data points. Use calculators, computers, data management software, data analysis software, data displaying software, and data mapping software. Prepare and deliver written reports and oral presentations using the necessary software to appropriately display and disseminate labor market and economic findings while providing exceptional customer service to agency stakeholders by being courteous and timely.

Outreach – Assist with promoting, planning, and implementation of agency’s products and services. Participate in economic development and workforce development conferences. Travel to make presentations as needed.