Labor Economist – DC

Office of Labor Market Information, Department of Employment Services
Washington, DC
Date Posted:  April 18, 2024
Closing Date:  March 25, 2022

Job Summary

This position is located in the Office of Labor Market Information, Department of Employment Services. The incumbent is responsible for in depth data analysis, collection, review, verification and reporting of labor market information.

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs a variety of professional tasks in the areas of data collection, review, tabulation, verification, reporting and analysis. Assumes day-to-day operational responsibility for a subcomponent(s) of one or more major statistical components of the labor market information program. Coordinates, as appropriate, special data or information gathering activity with other LMI staff, departmental staff, staff in other District Agencies, or employers. May serve on or head special task/work groups gathering and analyzing labor market or economic information. Designs, when appropriate, statistical samples to meet required standards for quantity and quality. Designs, plans, and implements a variety of special research projects, and/ or new or improved statistical/labor market information programs. Identifies actual or potential problems in data collection, processing, verification, editing or reporting systems, and proposes and implements corrections, and/ or seeks expert technical assistance. Analyzes data and applies the appropriate techniques to produce statistical data, estimates and reports.

Using PC-based software, or a combination of mainframe and PC programs, assembles or reassembles data bases for use on commercial or specifically designed electronic spreadsheets, graphic packages, and communication systems for the purposes of information analysis, reporting or publication. This may also include the design of PC-based management and processing modules or systems for controlling and managing surveys or other primary data collection activities. Follows-up with non-respondents to surveys or other internal or external administrative reporters to elicit or interpret pertinent labor market information. Coordinates statistical data collection activities for assigned subcomponent(s) with national and regional technical staff from federal funding sources and, as appropriate, with labor market information staffs in the states of Maryland and Virginia. Coordinates with agency automated data processing staff to assure the timely processing of mainframe produced data and reports. Works with professional ADP staff to resolve problems or to install new systems or enhancements to existing systems.

As appropriate, prepares monthly estimates and re-estimates of labor market data and/ or estimation of data for missing reporters. Prepares tabular, written narratives or oral reports and analysis for public and private users of labor market information and for LMI publications. Participates in agency and city wide public and private information gathering efforts involving the labor market or the local economy for purposes of policy or program planning, economic development, job or career information, or other broadly based informational needs. Conducts or participates in the projection and/ or forecasting of future labor market/ economic conditions, or economic driven financial or workload activities, such as, the unemployment insurance trust fund and staff needs during different phases of the business cycles. Conducts when appropriate annual benchmarking of the assigned statistical time series in the labor market information program.