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  • Research Analyst
    Date Posted: March 4, 2019

    Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP)
    Washington, DC

    The Greater San Marcos Partnership is a 501c(6) public-private partnership whose mission is to increase economic opportunity for the Greater San Marcos region through the attraction of high quality jobs and investment. Our office is located on the historic square in the heart of downtown San Marcos. This position will be responsible for providing the research needs for business attraction, business retention and expansion, and marketing efforts for the Greater San Marcos region, as well as providing data to our national PR firm, investors and the public.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Perform research, surveys, and analysis in support of business attraction projects and publications, including data utilized in completion of large RFIs.
    • Support business attraction and other Partnership programs with the production and maintenance of information products (shared databases, reports, surveys, marketing materials, web content, maps, PPT presentations, employer's database, community profiles, etc.).
    • Identify and obtain information resources and data analysis and tools necessary to support research, analysis and information responsibilities.
    • Evaluate internal databases for opportunities to improve usefulness, accessibility, and quality. Consider and implement revisions to data coverage, database programming, and report format as appropriate.
    • Maintain information and data collected in support of publications, presentations and databases in well organized and thoroughly documented electronic and/or hard copy files.
    • Create, organize and maintain files and databases from which commonly requested information can be efficiently accessed to respond to inquiries, create proposals or presentations, or update publications.
    • Provide research and information as needed to support community partners' economic development efforts and respond to general inquiries from investors, media and the public.
    • Establish strong relationships with other members of the research and economic development community in order to improve access to information and expertise, and to enhance our position within the community as a resource.
    • Work with GSMP staff to achieve and maintain the highest levels of service to economic development partners, investors, and the general public.


    • Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Political Science or related field. Masters Degree a plus.
    • 1-3 years of relevant industry work with experience in a Chamber of Commerce, economic development organization, city or municipality.
    • Ability and willingness to take on an increasingly diverse breadth of projects, tasks, and responsibilities as time goes on.
    • Demonstrated experience in development and communication a range of business, socio-economic, and policy information and issues preferred.
    • Ability to utilize a content management system to update GSMP website.
    • Ability to synthesize complex subject matter and present it in a user-friendly and understandable manner.
    • Effective research, writing, and presentation skills with working knowledge of tools and methods for data storage, access, analysis, and presentation.
    • Proficiency in or ability to comprehend and implement a range of software tools: particularly Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.
    • GIS experience and/or web or other publishing ability a plus.
    • Working knowledge of industrial, demographic, infrastructure, government, and quality of life issues as they relate to business decisions for location and expansion.
    • Demonstrated knowledge/experience of the resources and tools for identifying and compiling high quality information, research, and analysis regarding variables or issues related to business decision-making.
    • Highly organized and committed to maintaining information to the highest standards of accuracy, comparability, completeness, and timeliness.
    • Good working knowledge of marketing programs and business development initiatives.
    • Professional and effective communications and interpersonal skills in relation to research resources, economic development community partners, and staff.
    • Good time management skills with flexible attitude and ability to handle multiple projects with short deadlines.

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