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  • Labor Market Information Director
    Date Posted: November 13, 2019

    Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
    Denver, CO

    The Division of Labor Standards and Statistics (DLSS) is comprised of two primary work units, the Labor Market Information (LMI), which produces widely varied data and analysis of labor conditions in Colorado; and Labor Standards (LS), which ensures that employees are compensated according to, and that employers adhere to, Colorado state labor laws and regulations.

    The LMI Director must be able to understand and lead sophisticated quantitative and technical endeavors. LMI produces, analyzes, and disseminates comprehensive information on the labor force, employers, and labor market conditions in Colorado. LMI's programs include:

    • the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS) -- monthly unemployment rates for the state and by locality;
    • the Current Employment Statistics (CES) -- monthly employment levels and wages for the state, by locality, and by industry;
    • the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) -- compensation and employment levels by occupation, based on bi-annual surveys of data collected from employers across Colorado;
    • the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) -- wage data and employment levels by industry, based on quarterly large-scale censuses of employers across Colorado; and
    • a range of projections of job growth both by occupation and by industry.

    The LMI Director must be able to represent LMI to, and maintain good relationships with, LMI's critical and varied stakeholders. LMI disseminates its findings in various ways, including operating an interactive website and producing publications for public use, reporting data to federal and state agencies, and offering training in the use of LMI data. LMI is funded primarily through cooperative programs, contracts, and/or grants with the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment and Training Administration, and Census Bureau. LMI also receives data from, performs analysis for, and provides data to, a variety of state agencies, including supporting the unemployment insurance program with statistical analysis and providing labor market data to workforce centers that support job-seekers across the state. Other users of LMI data include the media and private firms that need to know economic conditions, schools that need to know job trends to support their students, and academic and private sector researchers.

    The LMI Director must be able to manage and provide strategic leadership to a work unit with varied, highly technical work. That role entails the following:

    • developing and maintaining a strong team of several managers who each supervise different statistical, outreach, and administrative units within LMI;
    • ensuring each unit's accountability for both meeting critical deadlines and producing accurate work;
    • strategizing and implementing whatever process improvements are possible, such as through technological advancements and through staffing efficiencies; and
    • maintaining and strengthening LMI's relationships with varied stakeholders, including federal agencies that provide contracts and grants to LMI, state agencies that provide data to LMI or use LMI services, and private sector entities that provide data to LMI or use LMI services.

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