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  • Business Intelligence Manager
    Date Posted: November 19, 2018

    Tallahassee-Leon County Office of Economic Vitality
    Tallahassee, FL

    This is professional and technical position that leads the business intelligence efforts to support and help implement the Office of Economic Vitality's (OEV) Strategic Plan. This is a professional management position with a responsibility to work closely with and for the Director of OEV and under the direct supervision of the Business Vitality & Intelligence Deputy Director.

    Essential Duties
    Collect, analyze and disseminate business intelligence information to support OEV's Strategic and Work Plan to drive and support data-driven decision making. Lead OEV's efforts to be the primary source of business intelligence knowledge and project these resources into the community. Utilize new and existing public and proprietary data tools and research methods to bolster the community's business retention, expansion and attraction activities, while enhancing overall economic well-being and resilience. Distill business intelligence into clear and actionable narratives that inform business and local government decisions. Deliver customized data relevant to company decision makers when considering investment in Tallahassee-Leon County. Analyze key economic aspects pertaining to the local business environment that affect regional competitiveness and communicate to public-sector decision-makers, stakeholders, partners, and general business community audiences. Monitor and analyze conditions in the commercial and residential real estate markets. Develop and maintain a collaborative research committee of regional economists, consultants, and other data-minded experts to share and support each other's work. Prepare economic impact analysis and reports as directed. Closely monitor local economic current events. Undertake a variety of research and analyses in support of other City and County departments. Interact with industry peers to determine best practices and identify new resources. Develop and maintain market knowledge through regular reading of industry trade journals, economic development trade and research publications, and news-related periodicals. Make presentations to the public, developers, management, and public officials to promote OEV's business intelligence activities. Recommends the selection, advancement, transfer, grievance resolution, discipline or dismissal of supervised personnel. Conducts performance evaluations, and recommends approval or disapproval of merit increases.

    Other Important Duties
    Contribute to the efficiency of the organization by performing other duties and participating in special projects, as assigned.

    Knowledge, Abilities and Skills
    Knowledge of the principles, practices, and methods of economic development data mining, business analytics, reporting and visualization. Considerable knowledge of relevant economic development data sources. Ability to bring business intelligence and data analytics to complex economic development initiatives. S elf-directed and able to manage business intelligence activities while delivering on short-term projects involving internal and external stakeholders. Ability to communicate complex and highly technical analyses in simple, easy to understand points. Ability to use insights from various sources to create compelling narratives that inform strategies for the organization. Strong presentation, critical thinking and reasoning skills. Demonstrate independent problem solving and decision making. Proficient in MS Excel, ArcGIS and database software.

    Minimum Training and Experience
    Possession of a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, economics, geography, public administration or related field and four years of experience that includes economic research, demographic analysis or business analytics; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

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