North Carolina Department of Commerce
Wake County, NC
Date Posted:  January 28, 2021

The Labor and Economic Analysis Division (LEAD) is the state’s premiere resource for workforce and economic development data, information, and insights. The division’s primary functions include: collecting, analyzing, estimating and reporting key economic and employment data (via a comprehensive state and area labor market information system), running economic and fiscal impact analyses, conducting research and policy analysis to support the state’s strategic goals, and leveraging labor market, education, and other economic data to strengthen workforce, community and economic development.

The Labor and Economic Analysis Division is divided into five teams: Bureau of Labor Statistics Programs, Information Delivery, Economic & Policy Analysis, Data Analytics and Research, and Operations & Administrative. This position serves as an Economist on LEAD’s Data Analytics and Research Team.

Data Analytics and Research Team carries out research projects that focus on the social, educational and economic conditions of local, regional and state labor markets and the design, development and analyses of the effectiveness and operation of North Carolina’s education, employment and training programs and services. The work includes the management, planning, coordination, oversight, communication, research and analyses for the North Carolina Common Follow-up System (CFS), as well as data collection, analyses and reporting for other federal and state program performance requirements and oversight of “big data” research projects which support local, regional and statewide educational, workforce and economic development efforts.

This position is located in LEAD’s Data Analytics and Research Team and serves as an Economist, applying knowledge of economics and statistics to completing economic research projects and supporting economic statistics programs. The Economist specializes in economic theory and research methods, working with a multi-disciplinary team to achieve the Division’s research objectives.

This position is responsible for contributing to the development of economic research methodologies, managing large economic datasets, estimating statistical models, and communicating the findings of economic research projects through presentations and reports. These projects focus on the economic outcomes of workforce programs and services; the economic conditions of local, regional and state labor markets; and other topics pertinent to the state’s workforce and economic development activities.

This position requires regular monitoring various economic and labor market indicators, research, news, and analysis to attain understanding of the condition of North Carolina’s and national economies. Be able to answer to the information requests and provide economic briefings and reports to the management, policy staff, and stakeholders.

This position also plays a key role in supporting economic statistics programs, applying knowledge of economics and statistics to develop estimation and forecasting models. This position leverages a working knowledge of data management and statistical software to analyze large datasets and implement process improvements to ensure the efficient delivery of accurate statistical estimates. This position will be required to develop knowledge about data provided by state agencies to the North Carolina Common Follow-up System.

The position may require some overnight travel to attend training, meetings and conferences.