Associate Commissioner for Survey Methods Research

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Washington, DC
Date Posted:  January 14, 2021
Closing Date:  February 15, 2021

The Associate Commissioner for Survey Methods Research is responsible for directing the Office of Survey Methods Research, which includes the Mathematical Statistics Research Center and the Behavioral Science Research Center. These Centers provide methodology support and leadership across BLS in the areas of statistical methods, behavioral science, survey methodology, disclosure limitation, data science, and other related fields.

The Associate Commissioner evaluates complex problems arising in BLS survey programs, along with the analytical techniques employed, and serves as the chief advisor to the Commissioner of Labor Statistics and others in BLS leadership in the areas of survey methodology and statistical methods.

The Associate Commissioner participates in the development of policy, long-range plans and programs of BLS and in the formulation of statistical objectives related to quality, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as statistical standards regarding survey design, data collection, and integration, coding, statistical computing, data analysis, and data dissemination. The Associate Commissioner serves as the primary technical advisory and consultant to BLS programs in the fields of mathematical statistics, survey design and methodology, statistical methodology, disclosure avoidance, and cognitive psychology and usability, as related to the design of questionnaires, data collection procedures, and user-friendly computer systems for data collection and dissemination.

The Associate Commissioner for Survey Methods Research engages in a variety of interagency and professional leadership and collaboration activities, consulting on the quality of BLS statistical surveys and programs in partnership with stakeholders, and ensuring that BLS remains current in state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques.