The 2017 C2ER Annual Conference & LMI Institute Annual Forum

June 12-16, 2017 - Denver, CO

Conference Presentation Materials

All of the materials below will be available publicly until the end of July 2017, after which they will remain available in the C2ER Member Area.

Monday June 12, 2017
Session 1: Leadership in Research Workshop
Leadership in Research Workshop Presentation 2017-06-12.pdf

Tuesday June 13, 2017
Session 3: Advanced Analysis: Analyzing & Developing Workforce Studies
Advanced Analysis: Analyzing and Developing Workforce
Session 4: Out with the Old, In with the New: Census Tools 101
Chestnut - CEDSCI Overview and Moving Forward.pdf
Dowell - Job-to-Job Flows Explorer: Worker Reallocation.pdf
Hait - Census Business Builder.pdf

Wednesday June 14, 2017
9:00 - Roundtables
State Economic Researchers' Roundtable
Avery - Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Platform.pdf
Kunkle - Leveraging Establishment Databases for Economic Research.pdf
Marotta - MEP Dashboard.pdf
Marotta - State Economic Development Program Expenditures Update.pdf
Romitti - SDS Initiative.pdf
Regional Economic Researchers' Roundtable
Brown - Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Data Repository.pdf
Fortova - FRED Economic Data.pdf
Regional Chapter Survey.pdf
Slaper - Regional Risk and Resiliency Index.pdf
Young - Esri Story Maps and ArcGIS Online For Economic Development.pdf
Workforce Development Researchers' Roundtable
Lind - Identifying Wages and Employment Practices in Washington State .pdf
Renski - New Data for Measuring Professional Certifications and Licenses.pdf
2:00 - Economic Outlook
Wobbekind - More of the Same Or now for Something Completely Different.pdf
2:45 - Census Statistics Roundup
Jarmin - Innovation at USCensusBureau.pdf
3:45 - Breakouts
From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi: Keeping the Cream, Creating the Crop
LeFebvre - ACT Work Ready Communities.pdf
Samson - US Chamber of Commerce Foundation.pdf
Beyond the "New" Economy: Monitoring Transformation
Lewandowski A Study of Factors Impacting Resiliency.pdf
Mix - Five Ways Economic Diversity Can Help You Monitor Regional Transformation.pdf
Rogers - Beyond the New Economy.pdf
Data, Data Everywhere: Big Data - Can You Dig It?
Lipscomb - Big Data in Real Estate: A Twitter Case Study.pdf
Querejazu - Program Evaluations using Big Data.pdf
Sienkiewicz - Big Data:Can you dig it.pdf
5:00 - Data, Data Everywhere: Learning About Proprietary and Private Data Sources
StateBook - Location Intelligence for Growth.pdf

Thursday June 15, 2017
8:30 - Keynote Presentation
Rips - Young Invincibles.pdf
9:30 - Breakouts
From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi: Identifying Opportunities to Overcome Economic Inequality
Chan - Creating Opportunities for Young Workers to Thrive.pdf
Newcomer - Identifying Opportunities to Overcome Economic Inequality.pdf
Sopdie - University of Minnesota Office of University Economic Development.pdf
Data, Data Everywhere: Learning About Proprietary and Private Data Sources
Chmura - Whats in YOUR Labor Market.pdf
11:15 - Breakouts
From Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi: Shifting Gears and Learning to Earn
Leventoff - WDQC.pdf
Moore - LinkedIn Economic Graph Projects.pdf
Beyond the "New" Economy: Measuring for Success
Harpel - C2ER Measuring for Success June 2017.pdf
Van Hulten - Utah State Data Sharing Initiative Update.pdf
Vilsack - Measuring for Success in Minnesota.pdf
Data, Data Everywhere: Learning About Proprietary and Private Data Sources
Emsi - Winners and Losers in Talent Attraction and Retention.pdf
ROI - Harnessing Big Data and Machine Learning for Investment Attraction.pdf

Friday June 16, 2017
11:00 - Federal Statistics Roundup
Horrigan - BLS.pdf
Moyer - An Update on BEAs Statistics: Priorities and New Products.pdf