Murat Arik

Dr. Murat Arik serves as the Director of the Business and Economic Research Center (BERC), Associate Professor of Management in Jones College of Business, and the Chairholder of the Jennings and Rebecca Jones Chair of Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning. He is also the Editor Emeritus, Global Journal of Accounting and Finance (GJAF), and the Associate Editor of Global Journal of Management and Marketing (GJMM). Over the years, Dr. Arik’s role in students’ lives has varied from teaching undergraduate students to mentoring and helping graduate students. His teaching addresses a broad set of topics within strategic management and international business. Classes he teaches include Strategic Management, Management of Innovation, International Business, Economic Competitiveness.

Dr. Arik serves as the Research Coordinator for the College of Business for the University Council of Sponsored Scholarship. He is also active in the General Education Committee, Board of Directors for Cumberland Region Tomorrow, and Center Council for the Jones College of Business. Recently, he launched a new pilot program, the Chair of Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning Scholars Program which is a research and engagement opportunity for undergraduate students designed to bring students, faculty, and community members together to address ongoing urban and regional challenges through academic research.

Dr. Arik dedicates much of his time to research in the areas of International Business, Regional Economic Development, Economic Impact Analysis, and Competitive Dynamics. He has published several articles that have earned awards & honors. Among his most recent awards is the Distinguished Research Award for the paper entitled “Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Human Resource” in 2023. His articles discuss economic development in the region and the factors that can impact business. Also, Dr. Arik wrote two books relevant to these topics. He is the author of Understanding and Analyzing Competitive Dynamics and Economic Impact or Contribution, published by Lexington.

Dr. Arik’s own academic career started in 1989 when received a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration from Ankara University. At Syracuse University, Dr. Arik received an M.A. in Political Science/Gvt General. In 2001, he earned his Ph.D. in Political Science/Gvt General from the University of Connecticut. In 2012, Dr. Arik earned a PDBP (Post Doctoral Bridge Program-Ph.D. Equivalency) (AQ Status Bridge Program- Degree Conversion) in Management from the University of Florida.