Colby Lancelin

Colby Lancelin is responsible for performance and management of various programs producing custom studies, non-standard analysis, and technical reports; interpretation of complex data; and development of detailed modeling and forecasting within the Research and Analytics Division of the agency. Serve as the key administrator of the REMI econometric model. Embarks upon performing entrepreneurial activity creating economic impact analyses throughout a 20-county region for local governments producing economic impact studies contributing to the agency’s sustainability effort; conceptualize implementation of economic development spending and investment; promote the visibility and public value of the agency’s data resources and products while focusing planning resources on key regional issues. Create regional forecasts, transportation impact and prioritization analyses, and transportation sensitivity analysis. Manage the Research and Analytics division long-range planning program, economic analysis program, and scenario planning program.

Specialties: Long-range and strategic planning; Economics; Urban geography; Regional and city planning; Econometric and demographic forecast modeling; Socio-economic analysis; Research methods; technical writing and reporting; presentation; Project management; Time management; Security clearances; Human resources; Government and Public administration; Leadership.