Video: Applied Data Visualization and Moving from Theory into Practice


One of the best ways to better interpret data, make decisions, and get your message across is to use a visualization that quickly draws attention to sometimes surprising patterns and observations that are not always apparent. Data visualization, a wide term that applies to visual representations that attempt to help viewers better understand data, can be used to […]

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Managers to Merge in Minneapolis: Who You’ll See at the 2016 C2ER Conference

This year’s Council for Community and Economic Research Conference (C2ER) and LMI Institute Forum is focused on the global impact of regional partnerships, and managers from around the U.S. will gather to discuss topics facing industries, the economy, and the talent pool. The conference takes place June 6-10 in Minneapolis. Classes, presentations, and breakout sessions are […]

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Addressing the Skills Gap Starts in Your Own Office

A survey from the Chronicle of Higher Education shows that government and nonprofit employers have a more-difficult time with recent-graduate hires. Most of the issues cited involve “soft skills.” Of the 700 employers in the survey who offered feedback on specific troubles they experienced with recent grads, most mentioned communication and critical thinking. Specifically, the […]

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