Changing lanes for high frequency data



Finding Gold in the UI Mine

UI wage record data can reveal all sorts of data gems – this includes tracking people with multiple jobs, career outcomes for certain students, detailed demographic information, and lots more. Presenters will share how two states are using historical UI wage records and their findings.(Read more)

From Unemployment to Reemployment: Tracking Displaced Workers

Unemployment Insurance data provides a gateway measuring close to real-time employment trends, particularly when it is paired with wage records. This allows researchers to answer to questions like how many people returned to the same employer? How many people witched industries? (Read more)

Working Together for Better Data

Most in the UI and LMI communities do not know the scope or depth of the critical interdependent relationships between Fed/State UI, BLS, and ETA-LMI programs, or how all three together support Workforce Development. This session brings these interdependent relationships to light. (Read more)