C2ER Helps Economic Development Professionals Grow – Melanie Moore


When asked how C2ER has assisted in her professional development, Melanie Moore reflected, “In so many ways- I would not be the researcher I am today without it.” When Melanie began to navigate the economic development industry in 1999 as an Assistant Research Manager, she made the decision to become a C2ER member.

Melanie described C2ER as an invaluable network that has aided in her career development since she joined. She has attended numerous trainings and conferences that introduced innovative ways of conducting research. Frequently, those learning opportunities establish a foundation for working on her own projects. In addition to the training resources offered through membership benefits, C2ER has provided a professional community and direct support and mentoring from other researchers. As Melanie puts it, “I have this team of experts behind me [with C2ER]. So many of us [in economic development shops] are teams of one or two. I have one and a half people on my research team. We realize that we’re very limited in what we can do, so it’s nice to be able to reach out to all these folks around the country who have similar experiences and are experts in their area.”

Just as Melanie has utilized the C2ER network to fuel her professional growth, she has also made her own significant contributions to the network. including serving on the board from 2014 to 2021 (and chairing it from 2020 – 2021). During that time, she created the new Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We thank Melanie for all of her impactful contributions, leadership, and service to the C2ER network.


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