How Does Your BR|E Compare?

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Why Settle for a Snapshot When You Could See the Whole Picture?

Get involved with the National Business Retention and Expansion Benchmarking Summer Challenge!

What are we doing?

We are confidentially and securely collecting information from business executives to measure the impact of COVID on businesses and communities operations and growth.

What do you get?

Synchronist will provide YOU with a clear benchmarked report to the nation of what’s happening in your community.

What do we need?

20 interviews with local business executives.

(conversations you are having already!)

What else do you get?

  • Free access to Synchronist for new users until September 30th (a $625 value)
  • Free National Benchmark Report (a $450 value)
  • Entry for participation to awards Contest* (You could win some $$$)

Get involved in this unique – first of its kind –

time-limited national BR|E project.